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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost one year anniversary!

In two days, it'll be my one year anniversary...Not my one year anniversary with my bf but rather my year anniversary on the job! Boy doesn't time fly. In one year I have done these things thanks to my job.
1. Gone to New Zealand and lived their whacky lifestyle including SkyJumping.
2. Gone to Club Med and danced with MJ
3. Won an Iphone which is my new sidekick.
4. Interviewed Kris Allen and watched him perform.
5. Interviewed Elena Dementieva and Sania Mirza.
6. Eaten at MO, Traders, One World, High Tide, Amarin Thai, Delucca and many others for FREE!
7. Discovered the best strawberry meringue at Delicious.
8. Got to know Dilly and DJ in person.
9. Watched Iron Man 2 FREE!
10. Gained five kg and plenty of new friends and acquaintances.

Crappy pay and workload aside, I love my job.... :)


Monday, August 3, 2009



At work now.....Bored and uninspired...finished up my pages for Sept AND Oct so now planning for Nov....
Mayb i should make my comeback to fanfiction....I am sure my fans will be glad or mad... (hey, that rythms!) We'll see.
Tribute to my other half of my brain, Su Yen who has gone off to a better place and no, she's not dead. Will miss you loads.
Australia is stealing all my best friends from me....I should be best friends with Aussie then...hm...
Going JB tomorrow with Yuzzy. Hotel reviews with the MB of JB are so much fun....yay...


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Scums of the Road

I believe good drivers are those who can drive fast without endangering others. Tailgaters and road bullies should be prosecuted. I don’t mind people who have perfected the art of driving fast in hard-earned real fast cars, not those plastic protons and kancil with load pipes like their owners.

It’s just my opinion that some car models have earned the right to be respected on the road. Now I say, car models here, not brands.

There’s a difference and modifying your car won’t make that difference go away. I believe if you are gonna do it, mind as well do it rite. That's why I am saving up for my own imported high performance car and not modifying m'sia's crappy local cars with big exhaust pipes and plastic skirtings and spoilers.

Don’t get me wrong as an ‘art thou holier’ saint. As a speed junkie myself, I get the thrill of going fast and have breached the speed limit ‘occasionally’ but only when I am sure others won’t be put at harm’s way.
Also I get away with it because my car is too damn cute. People see a kancil or a Myvi zoom past them, they cursed bloody murder. They see a red classic mini copper, they go ‘aww…’

Like I said, some cars just earn the rights to get away with illegal stuff. Just like our politicians.

To my friends who drives aforementioned local cars, nothing personal unless you do all of the above, then yeah. It’s personal.

Now enough banging plastic cars. Next the pests of the road.

Mat Rempits I believe are products of the government and are like mosquitoes zooming left and right on their grandmother’s road. I say this because of the government’s mentality to protect certain parties thus resulting in the car prices to shoot up like a dick on Viagra.

You figure it out yourself. Not the dick on Viagra part!

Personally I don’t have an issue with motorcyclists in general. Like I said, cars ain’t cheap thanks to someone!

I just have a problem with Mat Rempits.
I believe they are poor imitations of stunt men and racers and have further tainted their image to the pits of hell by robbing and hurting innocent people.

You wanna a cheap thrill at the expense of your life, go jump down from KL tower. 30 seconds of wind in your hair before SPLAT!
Just like mat rempiting except innocent people will be unharmed. Unless you land on them of course…

I nod my head at the government’s attempts to stop Mat Rempits but seriously, their attempts are like poking a fire with a stick.

I can think of better ways to choke the mat rempit culture and make better use of tax- payers’ money.
Stop making movies on Mat rempiting for example. Stop inserting the ideas into their empty heads. I have other ways but it would be too gruesome and messy.

Somehow I get the feeling people won’t like driving on blood-soaked roads….


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Anime Review: GUndam 00
Warning: This will be a Gundam oriented post. So loads of Gundam terminology here.

I am severely disappointed with the ending of Gundam 00.
I've just finished reading the summary on Wikipedia and I only have one word for it.
I am flabbergasted!!
It's just a sad ending to such a potential show with such interesting characters and mecha. I guess the whole plot spiraled out of control with all the action and the lack of character deaths (cough*stellar*cough)
I mean, it wasn't even cheesy. Cheesy I can take cos there will be those 'awwwww' moments. But this time, it's just all over the place and the romance just flies rights over your head.
Heck, the first season of the show even dives into potential pedophilia territory with 21 year old Marina obsessed with 16 year old Setsuna. I suppose the one good point of the end is that those two did not end up together.
It would be like dating his older sister!!
Insert 'Ewwww' moment.
Moreover I see no chemistry between the two, other than a conflict of interest. She's the whimpy princess that hide and babysits while he does all the mindless fighting.
I can say in terms of character development, Gundam Seed still takes the cake even though Kira and Lacus did turn out Saint-like. Hey, at least Athrun was a saving point.

As for Gundam 00, the fact that Celestial Being (refusing to disband and all) just flies off to Jupiter at the end of it all is just.......sad.

Can't we at least see the remaining characters do something more productive with their lives!!!!

Seriously? Seriously?


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Double O.O

I am sure to those who have seen my msn nick, you would be wondering what in the world do I mean.
Let me explain.
Months before finishing off my degree course, I made a deal with my parents. Well, it wasn't so much a deal rather than an agreement to let me bum around for six whole months after my graduation. Initially they agreed. The Prick even considered it a good idea to take time off to do the things I won't be able to do when once I've subjected myself to the labour force. That was months ago and I knew I should have gotten it down in writing, signed and all.
Heck, I knew I wasn't gonna be bumming completely as I wanted to further my studies later on.
Then out of nowhere, I find myself forced into applying for a job I don't want in a company I know nothing about.
All of which by the pressure of the Prick himself. After all that bloody speech about taking time off and what crap!
I was resistant not to work, keeping to my promise to myself. I've been studying all my life and now I just want to take a 6 months breather before continuing to slave away for the rest of my life.
My determination lasted for a month and a half. After which, I just gave in to his presistancy and consistency (I hate this moto) and applied for the damn job just to shut him up. It didn't help that he was holding my club membership hostage and refusing me my tennis and my gym!
At the same time, I was determined to further my studies now, seeing as I wanted so desperately to get away from him. I started preparing my application stuffs for universities in Australia behind his back.
Lol and behold, I got a call back for an interview with that damn company. So in an attempt to sabotage myself from this job, I went for the interview totally unprepared with nothing in my head regarding the company.
Who's the CEO? No idea.
What are we about? No clue.
Well, I did alot of don't's in that interview and the lady said I was quite laidback. With good reason, woman.
Well, apparently there are 4 stages to the process.
1. Interview
2. EQ Test
3. Presentation
4. Final interview.
Well, I got to the second part. Damn. But hey, on the bright side, another chance to sabotage myself.
So I went and screwed up the EQ test (or so I thought) Only to get a damn phone call the following week, saying I need to come in for the third stage!!!
There are other people out there who want this job more than me! Pick them! I am just trying to be nice and step aside for them and save myself and the company time and money! I just did it to satisfy the Prick and to get my club membership!
While all this is going on, my right brain was banging itself against my skull trying to spill out a prose for my application. Let's just say, I started writing it the weekend before the deadline.
Needless to say I am not pleased with the essay but had no choice but to send it in.
If I somehow managed to get accepted based on that, then I am definitely going back to church and devoting my soul back to God again. I've been a bad Christian...
Now as I wait for my university applications, I am also double-waiting for my presentation date to sabo myself again and also replies from other places I've applied to under the pestering of my parents.
While other people face the challenge of seeking work, I face the headache of looking for unwilling work while waiting for my application!
So to those out there who are complaining about looking for work or universities, shaddup cos you don't have to do two at once!


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

FedEx Back!

Tuesday, 18 Nov is officially the best day of my 21 years of life!
Long story short.

Superstar Roger Federer signed my tennis ball.

He smiled at me! *waking up at 7 am in the morning was so worth it!*

Up close and personal, Roger Federer is so damn hot!
Come 7pm, I was in Bukit Jalil with my friends to watch Roger, Blake, McEnroe and Borg. My seats were worth the heart attack and money to get for they were court side seats right behind the asshole VIP buggers.
I'll let the pictures do all the talking here on.

For more pictures, go to my Facebook.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

The curse of youthful looks.

I went for a drinking session with a couple of my friends at Laundry Bar. We wandered the place after that and went up to Sanctuary to check out the new Ice Bar. Out of the four of us, only one was underage and underdressed. Dressed in baggy short pants and flip-flops, my sister was dressed for the pasar malam rather than a club.
We walked in with another group with her sandwiched behind Shaun and me bringing up the rear so that the bouncer didn't see her.
Our ruse worked. She was in and off we go to the Ice Bar. Except for one small problem.
The bouncer stopped me instead. He gestured to see my Id which I showed him after several seconds of looking for the damn card amongst my many important cards. After several seconds of checking my birth date, he let me in.
Now, if this was KL Loft where they're bloody strict with the age and would check EVERYONE's ic, then I would not have any problem. However, as it is, I was singled out tonight because of one haunting factor.
My youthful looks.
For the hundredth time since I've turned 18, someone has once again mistaken me for a high school kid! People keep thinking I am 16!!!
The first two years, it was flattering but now, it's just getting bothersome and annoying.
What the hell do I have to do to get some adult acknowledgement in this God forsaken land!!
Dress up more like an aunty? Show a bit more fleshLayer my face with mountains of foundation followed by excessive make up?
I mean, seriously!!
Do I have to be 30 years first before I can start looking like 21?


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grieving a loss

This post is dedicated to my baby of just 2 weeks. As of today (7 Oct 08) at 930pm, my beloved kitten passed away due to unknown reasons.

Exactly 2 weeks ago, when I was in the midst of preparing for my final campaign, God saw fit to toss this adorable little thing my way. I took him in, at first intending to leave it in some alley way behind a mamak but as it was, I ended up taking care of it as I have done my past several cats. All the cats I've taken in have been raised since kittenhood and all of whom I love dearly.
All the times I had loving it, adoring it even when it shits and pees everywhere.
It was my baby, my second official son after my first male cat.
I loved it like a mother would her child.

I fed it, cleaned after it, played with it and watch it try to meet its older brother...
Just today morning it was cuddled up next to me in bed, purring and meowing happily. Why, it even had the nerves to pee on me when I laid it on my chest to sleep.
Just this morning, it was fine.
And now it's gone.
I got home from the club only to find it lying limp in its cage. Its head was nerveless as was its body. I wrapped it in a towel, trying to keep it warm while it made soft noises through its clenched mouth. It kept looking at me as I cried like a pathetic fool. The last time I cried unhindered was when my first two cats died before my own two eyes. They died of old age. This little one died from some unknown reason.

When it took its last breath, I cried harder over its still body. I was foolish enough to think God would bring it back to life there and then. Why would He put something so precious in my life only to take it away 2 weeks later?
Why? To punish me?
If so, why not me? Why must it be my baby?
Now it's gone, its shell wrapped up in a towel and kept in a box to be buried. I loved it so much that it actually hurts. I feel as though a piece of my soul had died with it.
A lot of people would not understand this pain, thinking it's only a cat. I curse those people for their insensitiveness or maybe it's just my grief talking. Maybe not.

I never even got around to naming it properly. All we have been calling it was Poopie Cat because it pooped a lot. But it was so cute and adorable I can't help but love it even more.
And now, it's gone. Just like that.

Rest in Peace, my precious baby kitten.
You'll have always a place of love in my heart.
I'll miss you dearly...
Ai Shiteru....


Saturday, August 2, 2008

Rock a bye Sleep

Sleep has officially become a thing of the past. While I’ve always managed to stick to my bedtime for the last several years of sleeping before 1am, of the late, I’ve leapt waayyyy beyond my nappy time.

Things have just become super busy and complicated and as there is only 24 hours in a day, sleep has been eluding me. I am making up for it by napping in the afternoons and overdosing myself with extra powerful caffeine in the mornings so that no one would be none the wiser.
Throw in my final year campaign, adv client hunting and a seminar paper and soon sleep will become a luxury to those who could afford it.
Like this adorable little rascal here

Nappy time!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You asked for it. You got it! An update!
People have been asking me why I haven't updated after the rapid series of updates in May and June. I'll tell you why. Internship is over.
No more sitting in front of the computer, pretending to be busy and making phone calls!
Better yet, my tennis tournament is over. Made it to semi-finals before getting trashed by a soft-hitting state player! What pisses me off was the fact I wasn't playing my usual self. Now I know what Federer is going through.
Please pray for him that he would kick Nadal's ass for Olympic, US Open and all tournaments and maintain his No.1 status. Amen.
Now it's back to college with ample stress for the final year campaign on exercise. I also have to look for advertisements for the college paper and write a seminar paper. Busy busy busy
Dammit. There goes my social life....
So as a forewarning for the next four months, be careful when approaching me. I could be a bitchy mood most of the time. So if you feel like tempting death, please feel free to insult me. I will not be held responsible for whatever happens.

Signing out.



Serving for the Ace.

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I'm just an ordinary girl with a streak for being a tad too sarcastic and rebellious at times. Other than that, I'm an all rounded (not physically!) in sports and academic stuffs. I worship the sport of tennis and whenever I feel inspired (which is very often) I write stories to express my self. I'm an anime buff so don't freak if I declare myself engaged to some odd character. For the moment, reality interests me no more. I'll let you known when I've have returned to it. Music keeps me going as it reflects my mood so take a hint. In other words, I'm just another person trying to find her purpose and destiny in life

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